Quick Note on Florida Lesbian/Gay Adoption Ban

I’ve been following several cases attacking Florida’s ban on adoption by lesbian/gay people.   I believe it is still the case that Florida has the most sweeping and categorical ban on lesbian/gay adoption of any state.  (A number of states, like Louisiana, prohibit unmarried couples from adopting jointly.  This has the effect of eliminating lesbian/gay couples, as these states do not recognize marriage between two people of the same sex.   But these states do not prohibit single lesbians or gay men from adopting.) 

Anyway, as that earlier post recounts, one  of the Florida cases challenging the ban was argued in an appellate court in August.   For reasons unclear to me, NPR just ran a story on the case.   (The identified plaintiff is Martin Gill.)  

If you are concerned about this issue, it’s worth a few moments of your time to have a look.    If nothing else, the story told here surely illustrates the real harm done to kids by a categorical ban like this.   Perhaps the time is coming that this will be behind us.

One response to “Quick Note on Florida Lesbian/Gay Adoption Ban

  1. The law needs to change, wherever you are located. There should be no discrimination when appointing a parental substitute. Ultimately children suffer the most. This does not mean howewever, that biological fathers are less important than biological mothers. That is a different question.

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