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Lesbian Custody–Bits and Pieces

Time to offer a small note on a couple of developments from the last few days.    Both concern lesbian mothers and both are discussed further on other great blogs–I’ll link accordingly. 

New York:   I’m listing this one first because it’s the more important in the long-run.  I wrote some time agoabout a NY case involving a dispute between two lesbian moms.    I won’t recap that discussion here–you can easily go read it.  The bottom line is that a lesbian mother lost because her ex invoked an existing New York precedent, Alison D. v. Virgina M, that rejects the idea that a second mother could be entitled to legal recognition by virtue of having played the role of parent for some time.   Put another way, Alison D v. Virgina M says that there are no de facto parents in New York State.    Continue reading