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Science and Reporting: What Do We Really Know About Fatherhood’s Effect on Men?

Today’s media features another story on the effects of fatherhood on men that is tied back to the earlier report about fatherhood and low testosterone levels.   But both stories also make me think about the role of science and science reporting in what we know (or think we know) about parenting.  That’s something of a perennial theme here.   I want to take the time to talk about the science (and the reporting) in a little detail.

This new story is about the relationship between fatherhood and life expectancy, and if you poke around the web, you will frequently find it reported this way:  “Fatherhood Helps You Live Longer.”  I’m sure that attracts readers.

Now that seems a particularly bad headline because if you actually read the reports of the study, it isn’t what it says at all.   Continue reading