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Sean Goldman One More Time: Because Family Sagas Never Really End?

There’s been a very long and very high profile legal struggle over the fate of a (now 11-year-old) boy named Sean Goldman that I have written about from time to time.  (That link will pick up most of the entries … Continue reading

A Brief Coda to the Sean Goldman Saga

A bit more than a year ago I thought we saw the end of a long running custody struggle involving a child named Sean Goldman.   (You can read up on the case at that earlier post.)   Sean returned to New … Continue reading

Custody in Brazil: David Goldman’s Case Nears End

The last post I wrote (I’ve been less than a constant blogger here) was about David Goldman’s efforts to regain custody of his son, Sean, who was living in Brazil with the extended family of the boy’s mother.  (She had … Continue reading

Quick Update: David Goldman’s Quest, Brazil Custody Case

In June I wrote about a case working its way through the Brazil courts in which an American father (David Goldman) seeks to regain custody of his son, Sean.   The boy has been living with Goldman’s wife’s family in Brazil for over … Continue reading

David Goldman’s Quest and the Passage of Time

Here’s a current case which, by chance, ties back to yesterday’s post.   There’s a version most recent developments here, and also a time-line, but I’ll summarize the facts.   David Goldman and his wife, Bruna Bianchi, had a son (Sean)  in May, … Continue reading

Quick Update on VT/VA Custody Case Criminal Trial

Just a very brief note to follow up on the discussion of the lesbian custody case involving Lisa Miller and Janet Jenkins.   (I’ve written about this case a number of times.  I won’t summarize the facts here.  You can read the … Continue reading

A Closer Look at the Aftermath of the Virginia/Vermont Lesbian Mother Dispute

First off, my apologies.  On top of the usual chaos of travel/vacation my internet access has been on the fritz.  I’ve started in on comments three times so far only to have things crash before I hit that “post reply” … Continue reading

What About the Kids?: Managing After the Fact

Once again I have been away from the blog for a bit so I’ve just spent some time catching up with the comments.    It gave me a slightly different perspective on things, which I’ll use for today’s post.  There are … Continue reading

Vermont/Virginia Update and Isn’t This A Bit Like Brazil?

[NB.   I originally had a switched the names of Miller and Jenkins in one paragraph.   That may have caused confusion.  I have now corrected this error.] For quite some time I’ve been following a custody case involving two women who … Continue reading