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Michigan Weighs In On Posthumous Conception–Children Are Not Heirs, No Social Security

One recurrent question here has been whether children conceived after the death of a genetic parent can received social security benefits ordinarily available to a surviving child.    Last year the Supreme Court made clear that the answer depends on state law.  Entitlement … Continue reading

One More Look At The Posthumous Conception Case

At the risk of beating a dead horse (something I’ve been known to do) I want to spend just a little more time on the Supreme Court case argued earlier this week.   I’ve commented on the case before but in … Continue reading

A Postscript on Posthumous Conception and Social Security

I wrote yesterday about the posthumous conception case heard by the US Supreme Court.   After reading some of the press coverage I wanted to add one more observation. Look at this coverage from the Time blog Healthland.   I was particularly struck … Continue reading

Supreme Court Hears Posthumous Reproduction Case

A while back I noted that the Supreme Court had agreed to review a case arising out of posthumous reproduction.   (For more details you can follow the train of posts back from that link.)  The case was argued today and here … Continue reading

Can Posthumous Children Be Heirs?

I’ve written a number of times about the problems presented by children conceived after the death of a man who provides sperm used to create the child.   If you go read those posts you’ll see that in general I’ve been thinking about … Continue reading

A Brief Interruption: Supreme Court Takes Posthumous Paternity Case

I’m going to interrupt myself for a moment here to cover an important development in a different area of law.   I’ve written several times about conflicting cases involving social security claims  (or other benefit claims) brought by children conceived after the … Continue reading

Posthumous Paternity and Social Security Again

Yet another opinion involving the social security entitlements of a posthumously conceived child has been issued.  (You can find the actual opinion at that first link if you search for the name “Beeler.”)  I’ve written about this several times before as it is … Continue reading

The Role of Religion: One Rabbi’s View About Posthumous Reproduction

A few days ago I commented on a discussion of Catholic teachings with regard to ART generally and IVF in particular.   Today I came across a rabbinic opinion about the use of genetic materials after the death of the provider of those … Continue reading

The Posthumous Sperm Donor and the Permanance of Parenthood

There’s yet another case about the paternity of a child born from sperm used after the death of the man who produced the sperm.   (There’s a whole string of these, some of which I’ve written about.)   As is often the … Continue reading

Posthumous Children Again

Sorry I’ve been away for so long–life intervened.  But I know discussion has continued, and I’m grateful to those who carry on without me.   Anyway, I’m back and getting started again. I’ve written in the past about legal issues that … Continue reading