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And Then There’s Mitochondrial DNA….

I’ve written in the past about technologies that have been or are being developed that would allow IVF using nuclear DNA from one woman and mitochondrial DNA from another.   The idea here would be to avoid certain diseases transmitted via the … Continue reading

Three Parents and A Child’s Need to Know Genetic Heritage

This is really just a tiny little post, because I’ve this question kicking around in my mind.  I read this post the other day that’s all about the mDNA and three-parent reproduction or whatever we are going to call it. … Continue reading

Genetics As All Important–3 Parent Reproduction

Yesterday I noted that one of my two topics was an exploration of the incompatible (?) views of the importance of genetic connection in relation to parentage apparently held by those who support ART.   You can, of course, read yesterday’s … Continue reading

US Facing the Three-Genetic Parent Problem

I’ve written several times in the past years about how new technologies have raised the prospects of a child having three genetically related parents.   Most of the discussion has occurred in the UK, but the debate has now reached the … Continue reading

More Challenging Technology Ahead and What It Means for Our Language

Some of the discussion in recent posts has been about terminology (particularly “biological mother” and “genetic mother”) and the ways in which (at least in my view) technological progress can create ambiguity.    Consider, for example, the technology that may soon allow use … Continue reading

Parenthood By The Numbers

I’ve written in the past about questions arising out of the number of parents.  As this article discusses, there’s a bill pending in the CA legislature that addresses this question and I’ve been meaning to flag it here for a … Continue reading

Creeping, Creeping: Update on Three-Parent IVF

A few days ago I wrote about the possibility that we are creeping towards some form of brave new world as various genetic testing options become more feasible.   I’ve an update for an earlier story that follows along with that post. … Continue reading

Further Update on Three-Parent IVF in the UK

I’m just playing a little catch-up today as I have all these tabs open in my browser.  A while ago I wrote about three-parent IVF.   You can go read about it, but the basic idea here is that you use sperm … Continue reading

Update on Three-Parent IVF

For some time now I’ve been following a new ART technique that is being developed in the UK.   It’s back in the news again and since it fits rather nicely with a topic I raised yesterday, it seemed like a good … Continue reading

Notes For The Future File: Three Parent IVF in the UK?

While there’s a discussion about the future of ART I thought I’d add this news note.  The HFEA (which has apparently survived the bonfire of the quangos thus far) has been asked to assess three-person IVF. The idea here, which is one … Continue reading