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A Step Forward for LGBT Parents in Georgia

Strictly speaking, this is a bit outside the ordinary bounds of my blog–it’s not about who is a parent.  Instead, it’s about what restrictions court’s can place on parental conduct.   This is a subject I care about and it’s not that far afield, … Continue reading

Georgia Update–Embryo Adoption Legislation Enacted

For some time now I’ve been following legislation in Georgia.   You can read through the older posts by following that link.   This all seemed to begin with the octuplets born in California.   (I’ve written quite a bit about that circus.  … Continue reading

Once more, news from Georgia

I’ve been following some legislation in Georgia recently.  It’s gone through a number of revisions.   You can read about them in the earlier posts. Interestingly, you can trace the origins of this legislation back to the furor over the octuplets.  … Continue reading

Georgia Legislative Update: The Bill Morphs

Since I’ve been following the Georgia legislation inspired by the octuplets case, I thought I’d post an update.   The legislation has changed (as legislation is wont to do) and, according to this article, may actually have a chance of passage.  … Continue reading

Georgia ART Regulation Follow-Up

A few days ago I pointed out some pending legislation in Georgia and offered a few thoughts.   The hook for the legislation, of course, is the widely-shared sense of unease generated by the octuplets case. But the point I’ve been … Continue reading

Looking Back At Surrogacy

I’ve been working on a piece of writing–something a good deal more extensive than the blog generally allows–about surrogacy.   It’s an effort to look back and think about how views on surrogacy (and the practice of surrogacy itself) have changed … Continue reading

Circling Back to the Long-Term Frozen Embryo

The last of my really sporadic posts concerned a new story about Liam Burke, a child born a little under a year ago.   His mother–and here I mean the woman who gave birth to him who is also his legal mother and his social … Continue reading

An Observation About Fertility, Reproduction and Gender Difference

This is a digression so I’ll keep it short.   Some days I just think the world has gone slightly mad.   I’m feeling that way today as I read this.   New legislation in Arizona (that has actually passed one chamber of the … Continue reading

Genetic Parenthood Recognized in Israeli Surrogacy Case

I’ve written before that Israel is a major destination for fertility tourism.   That makes this story somewhat surprising, though I suspect there’s an explanation that has something to do with Israeli surrogacy law. In this case an Israeli couple used their own eggs and sperm … Continue reading

The Two Mother Egg Donor/Birth Mother Family: A Legal Challenge

Sometimes when a lesbian couple wants to have children one woman provides and egg that is fertilized and then transferred into the other woman’s womb.   I cannot think that this is terribly common, but it arises with some regularity and … Continue reading