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New York Plays Catch-Up For Lesbian (and Other?) Families

This fall I’m finding it hard to write during the week while I’m teaching, but since it is now the weekend, there are no excuses.   And since it is a long weekend, maybe I can even get TWO posts … Continue reading

A Difficult New York Case and A Disappointing Resolution

I know I’ve been quite sporadic here–this semester seems a good deal more absorbing than others have recently, particularly because I am in the editing process for a piece on surrogacy that I wrote.  (I’ll let you all know when … Continue reading

New from New York: Losing and Winning at the Same Time

I’ve written a  couple of times in the past  about an important parentage case pending in the NY Court of Appeals.  (This is New York State’s highest court.)  The case is Debra H v. Janice R and  the decision was published … Continue reading

Two Pending Lesbian Mother Cases Worth Watching

There’s an excellent blog run by the people at Columbia Law School’s Center for Gender and Sexuality.    It’s had a couple of recent postings on pending cases involving claims by lesbian mothers.   One is in New York, the other Puerto … Continue reading

Lesbian Custody–Bits and Pieces

Time to offer a small note on a couple of developments from the last few days.    Both concern lesbian mothers and both are discussed further on other great blogs–I’ll link accordingly.  New York:   I’m listing this one first because it’s the more important in … Continue reading

Lesbian Mothers in New York–Good News and Bad News

There have been two decisions regarding lesbian mothers issued by courts in New York in the last week or so.   They deal with different issues, but I think it is fair to say that one is good news and the … Continue reading