Everything in moderation…..

I am moderating comments.   I’m not trying to censor viewpoints but trying to keep things both civil and tidy.   I’ve come to think this makes for a better reader experience.

If you want your comments posted, try to be short, on point, and respectful.   If you think I am being unfair, write to me.   But first be a little patient.   It may take a few days for me to get to comments.

10 responses to “Everything in moderation…..

  1. That sounds like a good idea given the way some comment threads have developed.

    Is there a way to get notified of comments on a particular post without posting a comment myself?

    • Everyone will see the comments that I approve (as I have done here). I think there is a way to get notice when comments are posted, but I’m not sure what it is. Does one subscribe?

      BTW, I’ll be far more likely to make comments that address the substance of things rather than individuals. I understand that one sometimes uses names to identify the substance of what one is commenting on (as when I say “I agree/disagree with _____”) but there’s no need to characterize a person when one does that. The focus is on substance.

  2. I’m subscribed to the blog, but I haven’t found a way to subscribe to comments on a particular post without commenting on that post myself. If anyone knows how to do it, please let me know.

  3. My parent's donor is my father

    THANK YOU so much for doing this Julie. It’s going to be huge work for you and I know that you are already stretched as it is, but for the sake of maintaining reason and thoughtful discussion it’s so necessary. The personal attacks (against Marilynn in particular) is just ugly and only frightens others from participating. If left unchecked it will spiral out of control. Thank you again….

  4. Maintaining a blog like this on such sensitive topics that are emotional for people is very difficult. I post on many boards that have discussions like these that get ugly. I’ve seen those who go the route you’re going and that does help. I’ve seen others that just get rid of the trouble makers and that does help as well.

    I know I am not one to talk as I have been part of the problem (and I do apologize to you for that) but do think that certain agenda’s get in the way of intelligent discussion. It also prevents new posters suck as Concerned DE who brought some valuable insight to the one comment thread that got hijacked. It’s unfortunate. My hope is that these new measures help.

    • The challenge here is that most people (me included) respond viscerally to many of the topics here. We just think we know what is right/wrong. I’m trying to get people (again, me included) to think beyond the visceral reactions–to understand what the assumptions they are making–for we all must make assumptions here. It’s a tightrope, between allowing people to say what they think and to talk about their experiences without lapsing into harsh language. It’s worked pretty well and, while I’m reluctant to exert this kind of control, I think it will help. Of course, we shall see…..

  5. The comment sections on many blogs can be tough to read. People can be outright mean or they can do covert operations. Those are comments that “pretend” to be polite and kind but are filled with insults. The websites I freelance for have tough moderators. That’s needed sometimes.

  6. Julie, I so appreciate your commitment to substantive discourse that gets us all thinking about not only the issues at hand but also our own thinking about those issues. The issues you post about resonate with me both intellectually and personally, and, in my (overly) busy life, yours is one of a handful of blogs I visit regularly. That said, I’ve often found myself turning away from a discussion midway through because some responses, seemingly single minded in approach regardless of the particular topic, reflect little interest in furthering the discussion and more interest in furthering a particular agenda. I am hopeful that your moderation will help the discussion find its way rather than run up against walls. So thank you.

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