If you are interested in studies…..

There’s a post a ways back about studies of the fitness of lesbian/gay parents.   One major study (discussed there) is by Professor Mark Regnerus.   His study is being used by the state of Michigan to support its ban on same-sex marriage in a case that features dueling studies (and to some extent dueling methodologies.)   If you’re interested there’s a useful twitterfeed covering his testimony.   I will wait till this is over to say more, but wanted to pass that link along.

The  most immediately striking thing to me is that of 3000 people studied only 2 were raised by same-sex couples.    (Something under three hundred had parents who had at least one same-sex relationship.)    I’m not sure how firm a basis that can give you for any conclusion about same-sex couples as parents.


5 responses to “If you are interested in studies…..

  1. how ridiculous. this guy and his study is totally irrelevant to the matter at hand. why is anyone involving him at all?

    • It may be that his evidence is the best that the defendant’s can come up with. If the argument is that we just don’t know enough about kids with same sex parents, then all his testimony needs to do is create the impression that there is room for debate. Perhaps some think he does that (though I am really troubled by the methodological flaws in his work.).

      What I have a harder time seeing is how that uncertainty about outcomes plays into the defendant’s argument. If we were uncertain about fitness as parents then that could lead the state to say that lesbians and gay men shouldn’t be parents. But no state says that. And once you allow lesbians and gay men to be parents, it’s a bit hard to see how it is defensible to deny them the right to marry–especially as the defendants in these cases always agree that marriage is good for children. So I don’t see how they are going to put the pieces together.

      • there is the flaw with the current trend of argumentation. it doesn’t differentiate between genetic and non genetic parents, only between the gender of the parents.
        if they were making a case that genetic parents are important, whenever possible, they’d have a great case against same sex marriage but they would piss off a whole slew of ART and adoption supporters.
        Although, in my opinion, adoption is in an entirely different class than ART because its supposed to be answering the need of a child whose genetic family has already failed. so it shouldn’t be treated the same in policy.

        • I think what you’ve pointed out here is important. If the state wants to argue that genetically related parents than non-genetically related parents, then they have to say not-nice things about adoptive parents and married heterosexual couples who have used third-party gametes. And they don’t want to do that. Plus state law doesn’t reflect that judgment.

          The real problem for the state, it seems to me, is that it already allows single lesbians to adopt children from foster care. No one wants to say that’s a bad thing—and it’s really not plausible. Are these special needs kids better off in foster care than having been adopted? Hard to make that case. So once they have kids, how can you say that on the one hand it is better for kids if their parents are married but on the other hand not these kind of parents?

  2. I am not a twitterer all the little # signs bother me and I don’t understand the incomplete thoughts.
    I’ve never understood the purpose of defending the status quo or need for change based on whether same sex couples do good job at raising kids. I personally know tons who have done a stellar job and none that have done a bad job, but that does not mean they don’t exist. I don’t hang out with losers so generally straight or gay they won’t be neglectful to any children in their care. I’m sure gay people are bad parents at the same rate as straight parents because orientation has nothing to do with being good at raising kids.

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