Back On-Line At Last

Well, this turned out to be a much longer break than anticipated.   My computer has been cross country and back and is about to be packed for shipment again.   (I’m feeling a bit cursed in the technology department.) But now, perhaps, I have reliable access again and I will try top pick up the pieces.    I’ve been thinking about how to do that after a forced three-week break.    Here’s the plan.

This post has no content beyond the plan itself.   Then I’ll put up a post with some reflections–because I have been thinking even if off-line and out of the loop.    It’s background stuff.  Then I want to go pick up the “would it be better not to have been born” conversation–but that will take time because I’ve totally lost the thread.   And somewhere in there I’ll try to get to the comments that are stuck awaiting moderation.

Just so you all know, anything that is a real substantive comment gets approved and posted.   No one has to agree with me.   The only things I won’t post are spam/junk mail and totally uncivil remarks.   There are very few of the latter but rather a lot of the former.   Once I approve your first comment here you should be allowed to post the rest of your comments without any moderating.   Except that from time to time it seems you have to renew your approval via me or maybe you all change computers or something?

Off to implement said plan.  It’s nice to be back!


2 responses to “Back On-Line At Last

  1. welcome back! looking forward to some more spicy discussions.

  2. My parent's donor is my father

    Oh gawd, not the ‘do you wish you’d rather not have been born’ non-starter again! Awk! …and around and around it goes…

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