Utah Married Father Takes Custody

Just the briefest of notes:   On Friday Terry Achane took custody of his daughter.

This is a story that I’ve been following here for a long time.   While it is quite clear that this is an incredibly important development to those involved in the case, it isn’t clear to me whether the case is actually over.   It’s possible that the Frei’s will continue an appeal.   I’ll keep an eye out.


2 responses to “Utah Married Father Takes Custody

  1. hope all goes well and the transition will be smooth.
    Achanes comments were surprisingly sympathetic to the Freis in my opinion. Good for him. Assuming this is all true, He’s a better person than I.

  2. tired of adoption corruption in Utah

    The appeal is still on, but the Utah Supreme Court expedited it and the appeal hearing will be held at the end of March. That is great news for two reasons: 1. Achane doesn’t have to wait 2 years. 2. The fact they denied the stay request and moved the appeal date up up tells me they are going to uphold the ruling and want this man to be able to start enjoying life with his daughter.

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