News Note: France Upholds Anonymous Gamete Law

Just a quick note on a story I just came across.    The information provided is somewhat limited and I have not been able to locate further information (at least, not yet.)

A donor-conceived woman in France brought suit seeking access to information about the man whose gametes were used in her conception.  It appears that in general French law protects information provided by gamete providers.   She argued that this violated Article 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR).

Article 8 guarantees protection of privacy and of family life.   It sounds like some read this to include a guarantee of access to information necessary to personal identity and the woman here contended that the information she sought was in that category.    The French court rejected her claim.   It said (and this appears to be a quote, though obviously it’s all been translated):

 ‘gamete donor anonymity, which in fact meets the objective of respect for the life of the legal family of the child […] does not itself threaten the private life of the person concerned’.

Apparently French law also provides that the information be made available in cases of medical necessity.  In addition to her earlier argument, the woman argued that this was such a case.   She asserted that the information she sought was necessary for her mental health.   Here, too, the French court was unsympathetic though I do not know the grounds on which it rejected the argument.

There’s an organization involved here–  Procréation Médicalement Anonyme–and you can read more about the case on its website.    I cannot help but wonder whether the case will proceed further within the court system.    I will keep an eye out for further information, but it looks to me like the case is quite similar to Olivia Pratten’s, though coming to the opposite conclusion, at least for now.


One response to “News Note: France Upholds Anonymous Gamete Law

  1. Luckily there’s still some common sense in some countries. It might sound silly, but this girl should be grateful to the sperm donor rather than worried about her identity. In the end it’s thanks to his generosity that she was conceived. In my opinion we’re too often concerned about the rights of the offspring forgetting the rights of those who helped to bring those new lifes t this world.

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