One More Quick Note On Teen Parents

I know I have comments to read and respond to and I know, too, that I’m in the midst of a train of thought.   Still, I wanted to put up a link to this little story about the decline in teen pregnancy rates.   I’ll tie it back to this earlier post–also a very short piece on teen pregnancy rates.

I don’t think these two stories are particularly consistent.  If the first study (chronologically) is correct, then you might actually expect teen pregnancy rates to be rising.  After all, we live in an era of increasing economic inequality.   But the second says the rates are moving in the opposite direction.

For what it is worth, I’ll throw out my own opinion.   I think the decline of teen pregnancy probably isn’t tied to a decline in the rate at which teens engage in sex.   (I could be wrong, of course.)   That makes me think there is a level of agency involved with some and perhaps many teen pregnancies.     That much is consistent with the first study, I think.

That’s it for now.


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