Watch Out For Scammers!

This is rather in the nature of a public service, although when all is said and done, perhaps I’ll have something to say as well.   There’s a scam out there where someone is posing as a sperm donor seeking his offspring.   Here’s the deal.  Bottom line is that anyone contacted by someone calling himself “Steven Curtis” ought to be extremely skeptical and cautious.  

I have to say that as scams go, this one seems extremely disturbing.   I’ve been contacted by countless people around the world needing my banking information to transfer millions of dollars through  my accounts.   Those appeal to simple greed and are doubtless motivated by greed, too.   They’re annoying and I suppose some people do get ensnared, but there’s nothing terribly personal about them.

This scammer might have some ultimate plan to get money, I suppose, but presumably is targeting those who are or who think they might be donor conceived.  As such it seems to me he could do much more damage than just obtaining bank account numbers.   Please do take care.


One response to “Watch Out For Scammers!

  1. Karen wrote me about this and I responded by saying that really hope that donor offspring don’t become skiddish about their privacy, overcautious or skeptical of people that contact them claiming to be their siblings or their parents. When you are looking for family you need to be findable and that means putting yourself out there on the internet in ways that might make the average person very uncomfortable. The reality is that most people don’t have the time to play practical jokes on total strangers if that is the reason for some unwanted contact. Also there is no money to be made pretending to be a sibling or parent of the donor conceived; they do third party testing before getting emotionally involved with anyone. There will be many people who legitimately believe they might be a relative contacting donor conceived people and a negative DNA test is a very sad thing indeed but it does not mean that they were contacted with malicious intent. They were contacted out of a genuine desire to connect. Anyone looking for family has to be willing to take that risk if they are ever going to find or be found. They also need to remember the clinics lie about donor numbers there is no reason in the world for them to keep track of any of it. They stand nothing to gain by making sure they write down a donor number of someone that’s actually related to an individual. Really, if it works out and the donor number is right I say be surprised – testing is essential even in adoption or in quasi marital separations you have to test unless its just blatently obvious that they are related.

    I would hate to see one scammer spook people from searching. Curiosity did not kill the cat it gave her 8 more lives.

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