Further Update on Three-Parent IVF in the UK

I’m just playing a little catch-up today as I have all these tabs open in my browser.  A while ago I wrote about three-parent IVF.   You can go read about it, but the basic idea here is that you use sperm from a man, nuclear DNA from one woman and mitochondrial DNA from a second woman.   The point is to avoid the first woman’s mitochondrial DNA in instances where that DNA is problematic.  This is rather in inadequate summary of the technique but you can always go read more about it.  

Anyway, I thought this was a rather thoughtful discussion of the procedure.  It’s also interesting as it explicitly separates the safety concerns (which I take to be narrowly scientific) from the broader public concerns (which I think include a much broader array of things, including morality.)   The implication here, I think, is that those broader concerns can trump science–which is to say that even if science says it is safe, maybe we don’t do it.   A good point to consider.


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