Cultural Notes: Documentary In Progress About Known-Donor Families

It’s not my usual practice to promote funding for the creative arts (or anything else, really) here on the blog.   But not too long ago Rick Dillwood, a film maker, wrote to me.  He’s working on a documentary about being a known donor for a lesbian couple starting a family.  It’s an interesting project and I said I’d post a link to his kickstarter site.  

The question of the role of the gamete provider is a big one that has consumed lots of time/energy here.   You all know I’m wary of anecdotal evidence, and this film is bound to be anecdotal, but at the same time, there is a great deal to be learned from people’s stories.   Just as the stories of those who identify as donor conceived are important, so the story of this donor and the family he has helped to create matters.

I’ll be keeping an eye out for the film once it is done and, in the meantime, I just wanted to flag it for you all.   For (as they say) whatever that might be worth.


One response to “Cultural Notes: Documentary In Progress About Known-Donor Families

  1. Im interested why he hasnt contacted me. Ive been working with known donors through FSDW for over 9 years. These men are not only ‘known’ in the sense of being known at 18 if the DC person wants this- but known from birth. Most FSDW donors are known to the child from birth and the relationship develops over time- with the child knowing exactly who he is- even though there is a biological and often a social parent actually raising them. Is this documentary only about commercial sperm donors?

    As I recently posted on the DIY Baby facebook page; ‘when we reduce sperm to a bodily fluid and not recognise it as the DNA of a unique individual, we become morally questionnable’
    Emma AKA The Child Listener™

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