Just Scratching the Surface at Room For Debate

There’s this feature of  the on-line New York Times I’ve pointed to in the past called “Room for Debate.”   Today’s topic is regulating ART–and it’s spurred by that story about the man with 150 offspring that ran in the paper and was discussed here a little while back.    There are brief submissions from 10 different people on the question of whether ART in the US should be regulated.

It’s worth a quick look and it shouldn’t take you long.  It’s a bit frustrating because the entries are so short and really do not respond to each other.   In general, I don’t think you’ll find points that haven’t been raised here (either in posts or comments.)   But still, it’s a good little summary of the main points raised all around in this ongoing argument.

Ultimately it seems fairly apparent to me that some sort of regulation is needed, but as always, the devil is in the details.   It’s hard to imagine new regulation at a federal (as opposed to state) level, and equally  hard for me to see that state regulation alone can solve the problems that seem to demonstrate the need for regulation.


One response to “Just Scratching the Surface at Room For Debate

  1. Julie,
    I’m not sure if you saw it or not, but there was a case reported in the National Post yesterday of a judge in Saskatchewan deciding that the surrogate mother for a gay couple was not the child’s mother. One of the men was the sperm donor, and the egg was from a donor. The mother supported the application.

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