Baby-Selling Story in Time

This story is now up on the Time website.   It’s another take on the story that I’ve discussed quite a few times now.   (I figure if I link to the last post you all can go backwards from there.)  I suppose there’s an element of self-promotion here–I’m quoted in that Time story.

But it’s noteworthy, too, because Bonnie Rachman (the author) had some earlier conversations with Theresa Erickson (one of the lawyers who pled guilty).   Not only was Erickson a high-profile lawyer who had successfully promoted herself as an authority on ART matters, she was a prolific egg donor.

Perhaps this should inspire confidence–in the “put your money where your mouth is” vein.  But in fact, it’s rather startling.   I have to wonder if her own experiences made it harder for her to appreciate that there’s a tremendous range of views on the topics here that must be approached with some care.    Whatever it means, more to think about.


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