Just A Quick Hello

I have spent a couple of hours going through comments this AM and I hope I have managed to respond to most of them. If there are ones I’ve missed people want me to respond to, I might need a little poke–you can post a new comment that says “what about that earlier comment” maybe?

For now I will be back for sporadic posts, as opposed to completely gone as I have been the last ten days.   I just wanted to say a word about what I’m up to.

This blog is largely inspired by current events, but as I hope you will have seen if you’ve been reading, there are broader themes underneath the current events stuff.   My project for the next year or so is to develop and articulate those broader themes.   I pretty well know what they are in my head, but they aren’t written down.   I need to get them on paper (as it were).

Some of this I’ll be  doing on line, some not.   I don’t like posting more than 800 words tops at a time–it’s too hard to read.   And my end goal is to actually write a book, which better be a bit longer than 800 words.

All of this is to say that you may see more general and reflective stuff here then there has been for a while.  There may be some longer threads, too.   But I’ll keep my eyes open for those current events stories that just make me think.

The pace will be slower for now, too.  It’s summer, you know?  Enjoy it!


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