For Father’s Day, III: Single Dads in the Seattle Times

It’s striking to me that this Father’s Day seems to feature a celebration of non-traditional dads (or not even not dads) in the media.  Remarkably, I’m on my third post of the day.   There’s the sperm donor not father in the NYT and the accidental dad on MSNBC.   Add to thatthe Seattle Times column by Danny Westneat on single dads

Westneat focusses on the steady increases in the number of single fathers over the past years.    At the same time, the number of single mothers is also rising, which means that the number of single parents overall is rising and the number percentage of children raised in two (or more?) parent families is falling.   

I’ve nothing to add to Westneat’s column (save for a caution that statistics rarely tell a whole story) but it is striking to me that the celebration of Father’s Day this year seems to highlight all the diverse forms of fatherhood.


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