Genetic Screening in the UK: Do We Call This Eugenics?

This is just a quick follow-up on a recent post about genetic screening/eugenics.    Here’s another story from the UK.   It’s about a baby born following successful IVF.  What makes this notable is the level of genetic screening employed in an effort to ensure a successful pregnancy. 

I don’t think this is what most people think of as eugenics, but the techniques employed are ones that might seem problematic in another context.   Whose to say?   That, indeed, may be the question.  Who decides what is okay and what is not?  And how?   Is it enough that the decisions made here were made by the individuals involved rather than a state panel?  Is it important that their goal may have simply been a viable pregnancy rather than a child with specific traits or capacities?  I suspect the latter is a hard line to draw in practice sometimes, so who will be drawing it.

As I said, just a quick note to tie this back to the earlier discussion.    I hope to get back to yesterday’s topic (surrogacy in the UK) later this afternoon.

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