Quick Update on Spanish Surrogacy

About a month ago I had a note on a surrogacy case that had gone awry.   A gay male couple from Spain had used a surrogate in California.  The earlier post was prompted by the action of a court in Valencia, Spain.   Since surrogacy is not legal in Spain, the court annulled the registration of the children there. 

It appears that this decision has been reversed by a higher court.   I’m linking to the report in The Spin Doctor, a blog I follow.   Good that he caught the story as I haven’t seen it anywhere else.

It’s hard to say what to make of it, but I would flag the very last line of the translation:  “Finally, the Ministry also states that you must avoid the infringement of the right of children to know their biological origin.”     This ties into another story I’m about to write about which also raises questions about the existence of/scope of that right.


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