Quick Florida Note–Agency Won’t Appeal Lesbian/Gay Adoption Decision

A few weeks ago a mid-level appellate court ruled that the state law banning lesbians and gay men from becoming adoptive parents was unconstitutional (relying on the Florida rather than the federal constitution).   Since I’ve been following this story for a long while (just search the blog for “Florida” and you’ll see) I didn’t want to drop it now.  

Yesterday the Florida Department of Children and Families (the relevant state agency) that it will not appeal the ruling to the state supreme court.   Further, as the story I linked to notes, the Gill adoption is now permanent and final.  

This may not be the end of the end game.   Apparently the state attorney general can still elect to appeal.   In theory an appellate court from a different region of Florida could reach a different conclusion and I suppose if that happened it would open another avenue appeal.  All that said, it does seem that finally the fight in Florida is winding down.


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