Press Coverage and Commentary on Florida Opinion

Earlier today I put up a lengthy post about a new and important opinion from Florida.   You should go read that, but I wanted to add links to some press coverage and other discussion. 

This is from the Miami Herald.  I think it is pretty good coverage, including some of the relevant background. 

This is from UPI, actually from yesterday (before the decision was released.)   It’s a bit more noteworthy.   Apparently the Department of Children and Families says it won’t remove the children from Martin Gill’s home, even if it wins the case and the restrictive adoption provision is upheld.  

I suppose this statement was offered because it’s hard to imagine many judges wanting to be responsible for removing the kids.  (Go read the facts in my post and you’ll see why.)   Strategically, you’d want to be able to assure the judges that no harm would come to these kids as a result of a decision upholding the policy.   Still, it seems strange to me that the Department could take the position that the restriction is justified and yet they won’t enforce it here.  

And the always insightful Professor Nancy Polikoff has discussion of the case on her blog, too.


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