Who’s Family?

It’s late at night and so this will have be quite short.  According to the New York Times, there’s a new study out of Indiana University.   For the first time, a majority of Americans surveyed say their definition of family include same-sex couples with children.   This is so whether the couples are married or not.   The story notes that unmarried co-habiting couples–same or different sex–are not considered family in the absence of children.  

No idea what to make of it at the moment, but it seems sort of interesting.   Note the closing quote from David Blankenhorn, one of the proponents’ experts in Schwarzenegger v. Perry, a case I’ve been discussing here.


One response to “Who’s Family?

  1. Well its a good example of why two people of the same gender who wish to be legally recognized as members of each other’s family ought to be allowed to marry the same as two people of opposite genders ought to be allowed to marry if they wish to be legally considered members of each other’s families. I don’t think it means that a person automatically gains the status of parent to their spouses offspring – gay straight bi or fridged.

    Marriage is the only way two adults who are not related can gain legal recognition as being family – obligated to care for each other as family are. The spouse of a child’s parent is the child’s step parent. The boyfriend or girlfriend of a child’s parent may act as a step parent but they are not actually a step parent unless they are the spouse of the parent. I am adamant about the right of the child’s parent to sever ties between their child and any ex-spouses or ex-boyfriends and girlfriends. The defacto idea scares me because it interferes with a parents right to move on with their life – sometimes that means severing a deeply bonded relationship between their child and an unrelated adult. The two people that create a child may not choose to be member’s of each others family (by marrying each other) but the child is a member of both families from which he/she descended.

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