Fourth Reported Florida Lesbian/Gay Adoption

I’m interrupting my own thread on Schwarzenegger to post this story.   It ties back to a post from last week on the appellate argument in another Florida lesbian/gay adoption case. 

Ironically, the adoptive parent here is Robert Lemarche, a man who is responsible for assessing the suitability of prospective adoptive parents.   The irony here is that because Lemarche is gay, he is himself barred from adopting under existing Florida law.  (The law, enacted in 1977, is discussed in the earlier post.)  

Last month, however, a Broward County judge (Hope T. Bristol) allowed him to adopt a 15-year-old boy he’d fostered for two years.   The boy’s guardian noted that while he’d fared poorly with his two previous foster placements, he was thriving in the home of Lemarche and his partner, Donald Guistiniani.  

You’d think such a case would be a no-brainer.   What possible purpose is served by denying the child the security that adoption brings?  And yet Florida law stands as a barrier to that result.   The judge concluded that the law violated the constitution.  Notably, it seems the state is not objecting to the adoption.   I’m glad to hear that.  Surely there are many better things for the state attorneys general to do in Florida.


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