International Adoption–Another View From a Different Angle

The story I commented on in my last post has engendered lots of comment in lots of places (and yes, I still need to respond to those  who commented on my blog.)    I wanted to flag this one blog post from Motherlode that I thought was particularly interesting.  

Though Lisa Belkin’s name is at the top, the posting itself seems to be mostly the thinking of Professor Michelle Goodwin, a terrific family law scholar at the University of Minnesota Law School.  (The little bio at the bottom also makes me think that this is primarily the work of Professor Goodwin.)

I won’t try to summarize her points here–I think they’re worth reading in full.   They consider the current case as one possible instance of a larger problem–the commodification of children in the world adoption market.   Much to think about there.

2 responses to “International Adoption–Another View From a Different Angle

  1. Marilynn Huff

    Yes that is an excellent post. Right on the money.