News in Brief: Lesbian/Gay Adoption in Florida

As I’ve noted before, Florida is the only state that actually bans lesbians and gay men from adopting kids.  They can be foster parents, but they cannot make those relationships permanent. 

That earlier post notes that the constitutionality of the ban is currently pending in an appellate court.  But in the meantime, a Miami trial judge has finalized another adoption.  

It’s easy to see why the judge was moved to approve the adoption here.  Vanessa Aleneir has and her partner, Melanie Leon, have been foster parents to the one-year old boy since he was nine-days old.   Apart from being lesbians, they’d be  perfectly fine adoptive parents.   There are many advantages to the child and to the whole family of being a full legal parent rather than simply a foster parent.    Whatever generalizations one chooses to make about same-sex parents or lesbian/gay parents (and I’m not conceding the generalizations are supportable) they don’t appear to have any bearing  on the individuals here.   

Perhaps this is how law has to change sometime–case by case, child by child, family by family.   At the very least, it seems to me this particular family was lucky to have a judge who could look beyond the culture wars to the actual needs of a real live child.

5 responses to “News in Brief: Lesbian/Gay Adoption in Florida

  1. Adoptees aen’t so happy about being adopted as things stand > Bastard Nation, the Daily Bastardette…http://forbiddenfamily. com

    • This strikes me as a very broad generalization. Some adoptees are happy, some are not. You’re certainly not going to convince me that it’s generally true that adoptees are unhappy or that adoption is a bad thing.

  2. Just a peice of paper, a birth certificate. I can do nothing to dissuade you from your old-fashioned ways.

  3. Indeed, Florida is moving case by case. But that is having some effect on the Legislature. There is a bill moving through Tallahassee to remove the ban.

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