Federal Adoption Study: The Kids are Alright

Reading a blog from yesterday on the NYT website, I came across an entry about this report.  It looks to be a pretty comprehensive report on a similarly comprehensive survey of adoptive parents.   I’m sure there are literally thousands of interesting facts and observations that can be gleaned from a careful study of the report.   I’m going to try to take a closer look in coming days/weeks.  

It’s also interesting to note what isn’t there, of course.   So, for instance, my cursory examination of the section on “Family Structure” makes me think it doesn’t include separate consideration of same-sex couples.   They may well be included in unmarried couples, but I couldn’t tell.

Finally, it’s worth noting the big picture conclusions.   That’s what the Times blog post does.   Adopted kids do pretty well–in some regards they have richer lives than other kids (they get read to more.)    The substantial majority are quite happy, though a small minority are not.  Given the various paths by which kids end up in adopted homes I’d be loathe to leap to any conclusion about cause and effect for that minority just yet.  I’m sure there’s lots to study here.


3 responses to “Federal Adoption Study: The Kids are Alright

  1. twelve per cent of adoptive parents report attachment disorder = one in five adoptees that is.

    • Yes, but I wasn’t sure what to take from that statistic since many of the kids adopted come to their adopted homes via foster care, sometimes multiple foster care placements, and are not infants. It seems to me you’d expect to find a much higher level of attachment disorder among these kids and the fact that it occurs doesn’t reflect on adoption as a general practice. Indeed, it might be remarkable that 88% of the kids do not have attachment disorder. When I have the time, I’d like to look more closely and see if they break out sub-groups, etc.

  2. one in eight have attachment disorder, I meant.

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