Lesbians Ideal Egg-Sharers?

I just cannot resist doing a short post on this, seeing as it does tie back to my post from earlier today.  

Here’s the deal.   Some ART clinics offer egg-sharing.  I believe these clinics are all in the UK, but I’m not sure about this. 

The idea is that if I go in for ART (I assume mainly for IVF) and offer to share some of my eggs, then I get a cut-rate on my own treatment.  (As you can see from the linked article, it’s a very substantial savings.)   The clinic then offers those eggs to another client of theirs who needs eggs.   Especially where egg donors are not paid (as in the UK)  this helps ensure a supply of eggs.  (There’s an egg shortage in the UK, just as there is a sperm shortage.) 

 Now it seems that lesbians are excellent egg donors and hence, excellent potential egg-sharers.   Why would this be?   Here’s where you can tie it in to my earlier post.   Lesbians who are going to fertility clinics often have healthy reproductive systems, including healthy eggs.  They’re just missing that one ingredient.   (The article says they turn to ART for “lifestyle reasons” which would be the analogy to social ART, in the terms I used yesterday.) 

By contrast, heterosexual women at ART clinics are more likely to have reproductive health issues.   So their eggs may not be as likely to be used successfully.   The statistics discussed seem to bear this out.  

The end result is that lesbians, who have not always been welcomed at ART clinics, are suddenly among the most desireable of clients.  And they’re getting their ART done at a cut rate, assuming they are willing to share.


One response to “Lesbians Ideal Egg-Sharers?

  1. Wow good article, I already have a daughter, so I guess I am luckier than some lesbians, coming out late does have its advantages x

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