News in Brief: Selling the Kids

I’m giving the octuplets the day off.   No doubt there will be more to say about that tomorrow or the next day.  But meanwhile, there aer a couple of smaller points I wanted to make.

This from today’s New York Times.   This is what commodification of children looks like.   I think it might be important to keep that in mind.  I do see that there is some similarity between selling a child and selling sperm (see the comment by Nelly here).   In a general way, both are about commodification of reproduction.    But I also think they are quite different.

At the very least, perhaps we can agree that there’s a spectrum.   Selling the kids (or trading them for a bird) is far more broadly (I’m tempted to wish it were universally) unacceptable.    Surrogacy falls someplace in between sperm (and egg) donation and outright sale of children.

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