News in Brief–State Supported Surrogacy in the UK

I’m taking a moment off from my ongoing topic to note this story. Among other things, it’s a useful reminder of how different legal rules around ART around the world. So in India you find surrogacy outsourced, while in the UK it isn’t legal to pay a surrogate. (Note, however, that women can receive significant amounts of money for expenses–in some cases as much as $25,000. In practice, that looks a lot like paying the surrogate.)

The headline news in this story is really two-fold. First, that the state will pay the surrogate “fee.” And second, what seemed to get the reporter’s attention, that they would pay it for same-sex couples. To the extent that is true, you’d expect it to be almost exclusively gay men, as they are far more likely than lesbians to use surrogacy.

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